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Terms & Conditions

All New Clients/Referrals

 Communicate with a representative of Balla Custom Services via e-mail ( or phone (484-786-9897) to schedule an appointment. We will then discuss the desired project and create an estimate or formal work order quote.

Estimate or quote will be created for client and be delivered via e-mail or standard U.S.P.S. mail (Depending on client’s preference).

Please allow a minimum of 3 business days (Monday through Friday) from end time of appointment to receive quote.

 Adjustments to projects/quotes along the way are welcomed. However, there will be a fee assessed to any and all subsequent alterations or requests added to the initial work order after the project start date.

 Materials Cost Deposit is due, in full, at least 48 hours prior to project start, unless otherwise stated by BCS Management.

 Client is responsible for any work area preparations agreed upon (i.e. removal of personal/valuable items, furniture, artwork, etc.) by 8:00 a.m. on project start date.

If preparations are not completed upon arrival, our personnel will do the work to prep the area and client will be charged regular labor rates in addition to existing quote price.

 Work cancellation requests must be made with a minimum of 24 hours notice.

If a client chooses to cancel a work day with less than 24 hours notice, the client will be charged $150 labor cost for that day.

 For projects spanning for longer than a week, clients will receive a timeline of the expected project progress as well as a pay schedule, and will be responsible for making proper payments on scheduled days.

 At project completion, the balance of labor costs & materials added to initial work order will be invoiced; payment is due in full.

Pre-existing Clients

 If minimal planning is involved, and no drawings or schematics are needed, a phone call or detailed e-mail describing the project will be sufficient to schedule any desired services.

Please place “Work Order” in the subject line of an e-mail and include the location of the project.

 For all large project requests (projects requiring drawings and or schematics to be created), and or apartment “Quick Flips”, clients must schedule an appointed time to meet at the location to review the task.

For previously visited sites/jobs, if the client so chooses, he/she may send a detailed request list via e-mail; a Balla Custom Services representative will go to the property to assess the project (all appropriate fees will be applied).

If the client chooses to have a representative from Balla Custom Services assess the project, all keys, lists, expectations, etc., must be ready for the representative prior to the agreed arrival time.

 All terms in above section “New Clients” follow for pre-existing clients.

Labor Rates *As of January 1, 2014

 Standard Rates


 Regular rate with no discounts or exclusions

 Bulk Labor Rates

 Please Contact for Price

 Reserved for multiple property owners   requesting apartment cleanouts, “quick flips”, etc. Prices may vary according to job demands and requirements.

 Emergency*  Rates


 Work that is needed and completed within 24 hours of contact/request.

*Emergency Work

Includes but is not limited to: work that is completed within 24 hrs. of contact – toilet clogs, labor requests after hours (from 6 P.M. to 6 A.M. Monday through Friday; Saturdays and Sundays any time), outside work during any form of precipitation, snow removal on roofs.

Prices for Quotes/Estimates:

Quotes are free of charge pending on the approval of the work quoted.

Late Payment Fees:

 Occurrence  Fee

 1 – 15 days


 Over 16 days

 $15.00 + 2% of total balance due

 Over 30 days

 $25.00 + 2% of total balance due (in addition to prior fees )

 Over 60 days

 $50.00 + 2% of total balance due (in addition to prior fees )

 Over 90 days

 Outsourced to collection agency and legal action taken.

Accepted forms of payment:


Money Order

Bank Certified Check

Cashier’s Check

Personal or Company check ($50 fee for canceled or bounced checks)

All Credits Cards


Finance Options provided as well. (7.99% APR) *Please contact for more details